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3 Tips on How to Get Hired for Industrial Construction Jobs

Industrial construction jobs are stable, non-consumer-dependent jobs, thus giving you the peace of mind of not thinking that you could be fired the next day. Plus there are lots of reasons why working in the industrial construction business is so appealing:

a. Construction work is something you get to see proof of: The Sears Tower in Chicago, The Statue of Liberty in New York, these are some of the icons, proof of being a part of building something great.

b. It’s fair and square: Your payment is commensurate for a day’s work. It’s not something you can get rich from, but the pay and benefits are fair.

c. It will get you physically and mentally healthy: Construction works allow you to get exercise; burning fats and developing muscles. There’s no need to contribute to the billion dollar health and fitness industry just to get fit.

Industrial construction jobs require some special set of skills which you won’t need in doing residential construction jobs, not to mention the pay and benefits are higher.

Here are 3 simple tips on how to get hired in industrial construction jobs:

1. Work on your resume. Toughen it! Write all your construction experiences, trainings you’ve undergone (attach certificates if there are any) and highlight the skills which you think your potential employers might be needing. A resume really increases your chances of getting hired.

2. Obtain an OSHA certification: Hiring managers in the industrial construction world almost always value OSHA certifications. These certifications let your new employer see your skills and that they meet a standard that they can rely on.

3. Make an effective job search plan: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Your chances of getting an industrial construction job should come from networking, preparation, and lots of exposure. Your plan should also include things like areas you are willing to work in and the employers you want to be part of.

If you have these, then you can execute your plan and track your progress. It’s not that hard to get into an industrial construction job!