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Green Construction Industry: Job Opportunities in Eco-Friendly Construction

The green construction industry is making itself more known nowadays. The earth is dying, that’s what you will always hear in every conversation about global warming. If we don’t act now, we’ll vanish with our beloved home—the Earth.

That’s why companies, NGOs and government officials are doing their share to save our planet. Buildings are now constructed using the sun as their main source of light in the morning; they use mirrors programmed to direct the sun’s light into the establishments. In Japan they use wind power to light their parks in the evening. The green construction area is part of this move of sustainability.

The green construction industry has been one of the fastest growing industries over the past several years and has been becoming more visible in sustainable economic development. The automotive industries are now manufacturing fuel-efficient cars and other vehicles for consumers who are environmentally conscious. The refrigeration industry is now using non-chloroform refrigerants. The electronics industry also joined this green movement and reduced the energy consumption of their products; they now use non-halogenated resin on their plastic parts.

However, among the most lucrative facets of the green movement is green construction. There are airports now that use the sun as their source of light; some of them also use wind powered energy generators. Billions of dollars are invested every year in various aspects of green construction, such as energy-conserving houses and energy-efficient buildings.

This is a promising field for graduates of engineering, architecture and management. The emerging green construction industry is ensuring successful careers for individuals who have the foresight to go for such jobs. Some time in the future, there will be laws passed for engineering and construction projects to first get a building permit, that is in accordance with green construction specifications and practices. Now, they do have laws now on CO2 emissions of vehicles, it will not be long before green construction laws will take effect. That’s why companies, both big and small, are making moves to widen their green construction initiatives; this is the future and it requires employees and young professionals to learn about this socially and environmentally responsible area.

The green construction sector is still in its infancy, that’s why the skills that graduates need are varied and a better and more successful skill-set is developing. However, green construction companies are searching for creative, industrious, and committed candidates to fill management and design positions. Young professionals who are creative and can think of designs that are energy-saving are the ones companies are looking for. Architects, designers, and managers -- they all need to show a sturdy work ethic, great pro-activeness, and the ability and willingness to allocate their time and priorities properly for the design and construction of eco-friendly structures.

Young professionals will find great competitions in applying to green construction companies, but the pay and incentives are great. The number of applicants is still quite small yet they are the thinking minds. Salaries in this field are between $42,000 and $60,000 per year, depending on the position. In addition, many green construction workers can avail of stock options at their firm, giving them a pleasant bonus yearly. Last but not least, it brings great satisfaction to be part of the green construction industry, an industry that contributes to our Mother Earth in significant ways.