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Different Types of Construction Jobs

Construction jobs no longer consist of only laborers and labor foremen. Due to man’s ingenuity and aggressiveness, a construction job has become more complex. Burj Khalifa, Lotte World II and Taipei 101, these establishments were built with lots of calculations and simulations to co-exist with nature or else many lives would be lost if these would collapse.

Construction jobs include planning, excavation, element integration, and demolition.

Excavation, especially for big industrial construction sites is done by using bulldozers, back hoes, heavy equipment drillers and other specialized and heavy equipment.

Element integration is the assembling of construction materials such as trusses, hollow blocks, finishing, prefab walls, ducting, piping, and others.

Demolition is not as complicated as building something but on the other hand, more dangerous. The construction worker has to calculate the placement and amount of dynamite or explosive for a given building to be demolished..

These jobs, from planning to demolition, require special set of skills. You can learn them from school or from experience. Enumerated are jobs that can be acquired through experience and short-time training.

-Cement masons: These people are responsible in giving finishing touches to sidewalks, walls, etc. Cement masons should have thorough knowledge of the different cement types, uses of cement, and should also have knowledge of other materials used in construction.

-Managers: They’re sometimes called supervisors. These are the people responsible for leading and managing the team. Construction involves a series of schedules from excavation to finishing. It is the job of the manager to delegate, prioritize, and make timely decisions. It is also the manager who motivates the team and the one who oversees the entire construction.

-Construction carpenters: These people are responsible for finishing the interior of the establishment. They are usually dealing with the woods and makers of cabinets, ceilings, walls, doors, toilet dividers, etc.

-Construction laborers: This group is always dominant in number in a construction group. Their job is to help the skilled workers, like masons, to finish their job. Their tasks include mixing of cement, transporting cement and raw materials, cleaning the construction site, and piling of hollow blocks. A laborer should be knowledgeable about the numerous warning signs used on a construction site. He or she should likewise have the ability to understand plans, layouts, and blueprints to accomplish the job well and to help prevent accidents.

Construction jobs are not those jobs that will not go as time goes; there are always roads to be constructed, bridges that have to be crossed and buildings to be built. Start now and be part of one of the oldest professions in the world.