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Construction Inspector Jobs

Do You Have What It Takes?

There are many job openings in the international construction industry, ranging from those involving manual labour to those requiring extensive managerial skills. Construction inspection jobs are usually a mix of the two.

If you are interested in pursuing construction jobs overseas and you have the necessary qualifications, then this occupation could be a professionally and financially rewarding one.

Duties of a Construction Inspector

In a nutshell, construction inspectors work as resident inspectors in building projects to which they are assigned. By working in together with the project's architects, contractors, and engineers, they help ensure that the venture complies with relevant building codes and laws. They also play an important role in making sure that the project's details, specifications, and technical requirements are followed.

Other essential tasks may include:

  • Inspection and approval of various stages of construction
  • Coordination of activities and schedules with other entities involved in the construction project
  • Keeping of records pertaining to work assignments, employee information, and inspection work
  • Responding to queries by property owners, contractors, and staff regarding the construction project
  • Inspection of construction activities to make sure they are in compliance with building codes and regulations

Non-essential or complementary tasks that a construction inspector might need to do also encompass a wide range of activities. These may include duties such as the processing of pay estimates, recording of amounts of materials that are received or used for a certain period, and dealing with complaints personally or by bringing them to the attention of a superior.

As you can probably see, you would need to possess a number of other skills other than just the technical-oriented. The ideal construction inspection specialist also needs to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, since he or she will be interacting with numerous people during the project's duration.

Other Possible Job Requirements

If you are interested in embarking on a construction inspecting career, you should also be physically fit, or at least physically capable of moving around construction sites. Occasionally, you may be required to lift or move objects that can weigh up to 25 kilos.

Remember, too, that much of the job entails doing work outdoors. You might have to stand or walk around a lot, even crouch, kneel, or stoop as you go about doing your inspection duties. Also, keep in mind you might have to work in less-than-ideal weather conditions: sometimes you have to work outdoors when it's wet and humid.

In addition, since you'll be inspecting construction sites, things like dust, tiny wood shavings, and other irritating airborne particles are substances you will be exposed to regularly. The need to visit various locations, as well as contractors and suppliers, will also require you to have a driver's license.

When it comes to non-field work, you should be proficient in handling office equipment such as fax machines, photocopiers, and portable or mobile radios. You will also need to have more than just a passing acquaintance with computer programs such as word processors, spreadsheet software, and database management software, in order for you to accomplish some of your duties.

It's an undeniable fact that this type of work requires a lot of responsibility. The good news is that the outlook for construction management positions such as inspectors remains positive overall.

This is because even after the construction project has been completed, regular inspection is still needed. This phenomenon happens every day all over the world. Seen this way, construction inspector jobs overseas are excellent career growth opportunities if you want to work abroad in the building industry, and are qualified for it.

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